You’ll be jumping for joy, after your kids take our Etiquette & Social Skill After-School Program


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Our interactive, fun and effective lessons will teach your kids everything from how to set the table to listening when you say; “screen time” is over.

“What I have found, is kids really want to know what to do and how to act in social situations. They become more comfortable and confident out in the world.”

Denise Honaker, owner Polite Is Right


Your kids are put in many different social situations every day. When they know what to do and what to say, their lives will be happier and easier. Your kids have coaches for sports and teachers for piano, why not have an expert teach them social skills? The kids in our classes are successful, because they participate in our lessons by acting and role-playing, which gets them to understand how to handle social settings.

Teaching kids how set a table is great, knowing how to contribute and respect their family is key.


Kids need to learn the etiquette of eating properly and shaking hands with confidence. They also need to learn the importance of being a good family member. Sometimes, our kids don’t always listen when we ask them to pick up their toys, get ready for bed or turn off the tablet. In our program we role-play, with the kids acting as parents, so they can feel what it’s like not to be listened to and also feel how amazing it is when they are. It’s a real game changer when the kids step into their parents shoes.


You want your kids to be able to step into any social situations and say, “I got this”.

Etiquette & Social Skills Curriculum

Week 1- Dining Etiquette


The kids will learn everything from setting a table, using utensils properly, napkin etiquette to pleasant dinner conversation. We talk about trying new foods without saying “yuck” and complementing the food that is served. We have some neat tricks the kids will learn so they will always remember how to set a table and discuss the importance of a no ‘screen time’ at dinner time. We will be serving food for this class.

Week 2- Restaurant Etiquette


We set-up the class like a restaurant. Each student will have a role, from a hostess, server, owner and customer. The kids learn how to behave respectfully and learn why it’s important to use their manners when eating out. They will learn to pull out chairs, sit properly and hold doors open. We will be serving food for this class.

Week 3-Social Etiquette


A big part of our kid’s social world is having playdates and parties. When kids are playing with friends, throwing a party or are a guest at a party, they have certain social responsibilities. We role-play through many different social scenes from being a good guest at a playdate to writing thank you notes after hosting a party.

Week 4-Respecting Others


Learning to shake hands, talk to adults and show how small acts of kindness makes others feel is the focus of this class. Kids learn how small things, like saying sorry when they bump into someone, or giving up their seat to someone who needs it, can really change someones day for the better.


We hope the lessons your kids have learned, will be complimented with your involvement and encouragement.

For each class, the kids receive handouts of the lessons to bring home and share with your family.

Cost for all 4 classes: $48.00

 💛We give back a percentage of all profits, to your school.

If you would like more information, please contact us:

Denise: 310 344-5953 or e-mail: