4 Week After-School Etiquette and Social Skills

Self-esteem - Respect - Self-confidence


Restaurant Tips - Party Etiquette - Table Setting - Manners

Give your child a head start into the important world of social graces. Our fun, interactive and effective curriculum helps to elevate children’s self-esteem by teaching them to respect themselves and the people around them. When children learn etiquette, they feel confident and comfortable in social situations.


Week 1- Dining Etiquette

Setting a table, using utensils correctly, handling difficult food, dining conversation.

Week 2- Restaurant Etiquette

Learn the etiquette of restaurant dining, with role-playing.

Week 3-Social Etiquette

Fun and interactive role-playing, teaches children how to be a good friend, a good host/hostess at a party and how explains why thank you notes are important.

Week 4-Respecting Others

Learning to shake hands, talk to adults and showing how small acts of kindness makes others feel respected.  

Cost for all 4 classes: $45  

If you would like more information, please call Denise: 310 344-5953 or e-mail: sipsandskills@gmail.com